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Improve your merger control process with automatic screening results, updated thresholds, sector-specific requirements, filing deadlines, etc. in +100 jurisdictions

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Automatic screening results in +100 jurisdictions

The Merger Screening tool allows you to run and analyse merger screenings within minutes giving you a clear overview of filing requirements in the jurisdictions of your choice

  • Use our automatic data upload or fill in your data online
  • Supporting all transactions types (including JVs)
  • Handling multi-currency conversion and odd financial years
  • Get useful results - even when you are missing input data
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A unified and updated Knowledge Base with all information about merger control from jurisdiction to jurisdiction

Our comprehensive, uniform and easily accessible Knowledge Base provides detailed information about 

  • General thresholds, sector-specific requirements, local nexus 
  • Deadlines for filing, statutory timetables, checklists 
  • Definitions of control, turnover and asset value calculations

And unlike other databases, our Knowledge Base is updated at least twice per year by our content team and our top-tier international partners

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It is a 4-step process of conducting Merger Screenings within minutes

1. Select your type of transaction and participating entities

  • Choose between mergers, acquisition or JVs (the tool asks for your input and generates results based on your specific type of transaction)
  • Insert the number of participating entities as well as entity-specific information such as relevant entity role, fiscal year and currency

2. Pick the jurisdictions for your screening

  • The Merger Screening tool covers +100 jurisdictions, including supranational jurisdictions (e.g. COMESA, CEMAC, EFTA, EU)
  • Information is updated at least twice a year by our top-tier partners and content team

3. Upload your screening data

  • Insert or upload your screening data automatically using our simple spreadsheet to save time and minimize errors
  • The tool only asks for the relevant data for your transaction type and jurisdictions and can even generate results when missing screening data
  • Insert screening data on turnover, asset value, market share and transaction value

4. Get accurate and fully-elaborated results

  • Get a quick overview of the triggered threshold with the executive summary 
  • Deep dive into the full screening analysis for detailed information about all thresholds, including how far (above/below) you are from triggering them
  • Download your results in PDF and Word formats to edit and customize your screening report.
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