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Content last updated: 08-04-2020

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1. Supranationality

1.1 Membership of Supranational Organization

1.1.1 Is the jurisdiction a member of/party to a supranational jurisdiction?


1.1.2 Is the jurisdiction itself a supranational jurisdiction?


1.1.3 If the answer to Section 1.1.1 and/or 1.1.2 above is in the affirmative, what are the implications hereof?

As a member of the EU, Latvia is subject to the supranational authority of the EU, including EU merger control rules enforced by the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission.

This means that if the concentration meets the turnover thresholds applicable for the EU’s merger control regime, the concentration must be notified to the European Commission and Latvia is precluded from applying its own domestic merger control rules to the transaction.

2. Establishing jurisdiction for notification of mergers

2.3 General thresholds

2.3.1 Threshold(s) for when a concentration must be notified under the general merger control regime?

Merger control filing is required when:

  • the combined aggregate turnover of the undertakings concerned is at least EUR 30,000,000 in Latvia; and
  • the turnover of each of at least two of the undertakings concerned is EUR 1,500,000 in Latvia. 

The competition authorities may review a transaction on their own initiative if:

  • at least two of the undertakings concerned are active in the same market with a combined market share of 40%; and
  • there is a “reasonable suspicion” that the concentration creates or strengthens a dominant position or significantly lessens competition in the market; and
  • the concentration has an effect on competition in Latvia. 

In order to pre-empt post-merger control, the parties may opt to voluntarily file the transaction.

2.4 Other national thresholds for ex ante merger control (e.g. sector-specific rules)

2.4.1 Relevant thresholds for sector-specific or other ex ante merger control rules?

Undertakings operation in the following sectors may be required to obtain additional clearance by the government: electronic communications, TV and radio, natural gas, electrical energy and heat energy.

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